P.R.E.S.S. opposes the construction of a large, high-pressure natural gas pipeline in a largely residential part of the State College borough. The pipeline poses multiple safety hazards from leaks and explosions, externalizes PSU’s risks and financial costs to residents (lower property value, increased homeowners insurance, and increased community costs for fire-readiness), creates a long-term commitment to relying on unsustainable energy sources, and disregards our Community Bill of Rights.

We are a grassroots, community organization, forged by residents in response to the pipeline threat. PRESS supports responsible, safe energy solutions and transparent, open decision making that respects the rights and obligations of all members of the community

At the April 1 Borough Council meeting, community members faced off with representatives from Penn State and Columbia Gas. After over 5 hours of comment from all sides, including a long list of complaints about the pipeline plan from residents, we convinced the Borough Council to not issue a construction permit.

On April 18, Penn State asked Columbia Gas to reevaluate the route. This process is expected to take several weeks and the outcome is unknown. We need to keep the pressure on Penn State to do the right thing: Respect our community’s right to make decisions about building new energy infrastructure within our borough.

Come what may, P.R.E.S.S. will be there to support the community in Preserving our Rights to Environmental Sustainability and Safety.



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